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​​The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) is a public education organization offering support services to 27 school districts and more than 600 schools and 20,000 educators serving over 500,000 students in Orange County. OCDE’s personnel offer support, professional development, and student programs through its divisions and departments: Administrative Services, Alternative Education, Business Services, Career and Technical Education, Information Technology, Instructional Services, Legal Services, School and Community Services, and Special Education.

Our vision is that Orange County students will lead the nation in college and career readiness and success. We play a supportive role in the fulfillment of this vision in collaboration with educators at all levels of student development, from early childhood through higher education, and in partnership with families, businesses, and community organizations. We believe that to lead the nation in college and career readiness and success is a high ambition, but within the reach of Orange County students.

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