School History

Harry C. Fulton Middle School is one of three comprehensive middle schools in the Fountain Valley School District, located in Orange County.  The school represents the needs of over 800 students at the sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade levels living in the city of Fountain Valley as well as portions of Huntington Beach and a percentage of transfer students from neighboring areas. 


Fulton Middle School was originally constructed in 1968, expanded in 1984, and has since been thoroughly modernized. The campus is currently comprised of 28 classrooms (including portables), a computer lab, a library, a media center, a woodshop, and a spacious playground.  The most recent improvements to the school include technology upgrades to all classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with a surround-sound microphone system, LCD projector, and document camera. The facility strongly supports teaching and learning through its ample classroom and recreational space.

Fulton Middle School strives to focus on academic achievement and continually adapts to the ever-changing needs of our student population.  Examples of this can be seen in the variety of course offerings we have for students ranging from remediation and support classes to an increase in sections of advanced classes in English, history, Spanish, and math. 


To address students requiring specific resources for physical, mental, or emotional challenges through collaboration, we developed strategies to improve cluster programs.  These include SDC (Special Day Class), to provide targeted support for students with moderate to severe learning and physical needs; our Explorer program, to provide students with autism program flexibility and support; and our Resource program, to provide students with direct instruction and support from a team of subject area credentialed teachers and RSP teachers paired together.


Certainly, high test scores and API numbers are indicative of academic achievement, but even more telling of Fulton’s success is the fact that our school has a yearly wait-list of applicants.  These are the parents wanting their children to experience the advantages that an education at Fulton Middle School can provide whether their child requires the specialized attention of our cluster programs or advanced learning opportunities. 


In addition to offering our students and families an outstanding academic program that meets the needs of the student, Fulton is focused on educating the whole child and fostering a sense of belonging to our school community.  We do this through an elaborate offering of extra-curricular activities both during and outside the school day to support the diverse interests and talents of our students and to support them in being connected to their school.  It is our mission to guide our Fulton Falcons to S.O.A.R. to their greatest learning and social growth potential!