Fountain Valley School District partners with OCDE to offer a Remote/Independent Study option for 2021-22

As we prepare for the new school year and return to a full day of in-person learning, we want to share information about recent legislation, Assembly Bill 130.  While the State expects all schools and districts to fully return to in-person learning this school year, AB 130 outlines an Independent Study learning option for families who need an at-home learning option for the upcoming 2021-22 school year.  

Fountain Valley School District is partnering with the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) to offer a home learning option for families through an Independent Study program. The District will not be offering the FVSDConnected program this school year. Thus, any family who prefers a home/remote schooling option can elect to enroll in the OCDE Independent Study program, which will serve as our District’s Independent Study home-learning option.  For students in grades TK-8, this Independent Study program is through enrollment in OCDE’s Community Home Education Program (CHEP).

Families that choose to have their student(s) participate in the Independent Study option will be dis-enrolled from FVSD this year and enrolled in the CHEP.  Parents/Guardians who wish for their student(s) to participate in this Independent Study program will need to initiate the change of enrollment, as all students are automatically enrolled in our traditional on-campus learning model.  We are currently finalizing the contract with OCDE and developing a FAQ that will be available for families in the near future.  If you are considering the remote option through OCDE for your student(s) please complete this survey.  FVSD staff will follow up as new information becomes available. All students who enroll in the OCDE Independent Study program will begin their school year on or September 8, 2021. 

In the meantime, we encourage families interested in a remote schooling option to review the Community Home Education Program to see if this best meets the needs of your family.  In addition, please review summarized information regarding AB 130 and the Independent Study learning option required through the Assembly Bill. 

Thank you for your support and on-going trust as we plan for options for all students for the upcoming school year.  Should you have questions regarding the Independent Study home program through OCDE, please contact Ms. Kate Christmas, Director of Student Services for Fountain Valley School District at [email protected].